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🥺Mulan is make big mess in our life… She give us a so much joy, love, happiness for this cuple days, and she is gone and left one big hole… I didnt belive that will be like that… I dont accept to keep other dogs in my kennel, on first place because im afraid of diseases, i have there and my old sensitive dogs and also small puppies and i dont have to much trust on people,im see everything all around🙈 but to say, “we have experience” with your dogs, they are always clean, good behavior, so we are know that you are that small procent in good breeders who will not affect us… And im accept to be with Mulan that couple days… That was big mistake… Im in so love with her that i cant describe that with right words, and worse of all she is love meee😭 that moment when im give her yesterday is like im give something my… So she is make big mess with my feeling… And not just with my… My little puppy dont want to eat normaly from the moment when Mulan is go… She going around and want to finde her, that was first experience with some puppy because she was only one in litter, and from her birth she play just with adults, and Mulan was something special for her 🥺 so Mulan will be definitely something unforgettable for us, and i will stay in hope that and she will think on us sometimes 💓💓💓💓 and thank you for possibility to have that little ass for couple days in our lifes