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From the moment we saw the Tibetan mastiff, we were in love. We watched some videos and did some research, and found Kinu Liutus as the best.

Well, after going through the entire process beginning to end, we can say that we are blown away by the level of service, and the dog itself.

The dog is spectacular, everyone can see that on a video. However, what you don’t see is the care and attention it takes from the breeder.

The process took almost a year, but it was so worth the wait.

You put a deposit, which reserves your dog in the next litter. As soon as you do that, the kennel keeps you updated on when the dog is born, and the he process starts from there. The dogs are cared for with great attention to detail, Al the way through it the time they are shipped out to you.

We liked the process so much that we bought our second one a week after we got the first. Honestly we were a little worried about getting a dog from so far away, but we are so happy we did.

Thank you guys so much.